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JIRA as a personal task manager?

I saw an interesting retweet the other day:

Happy Thanksgiving

We would like to wish all our US friends, customers and partners a happy Thanksgiving.

Organisational memory and data governance

We read this tweet, and it struck a chord with us...

Data Hound

We were recently discussing ways to explain what DataQA for JIRA is and how it helps manage data defects. Clearly and concisely explaining what a product does and what value it brings is often one of the most challenging parts of developing and selling software. In many ways this is far more...

Social media updates

As I was sat in the barber's chair one lunchtime earlier this week, I was thinking about BDQ's various different social media profiles and our plans to spruce them up a bit. As time has gone on, they have started to look a little unkempt, perhaps. In need of a bit of trim, here and there. Overall,...

DataQA for JIRA - a great introductory offer

To celebrate the introduction of DataQA for JIRA, we are running a special promotion ending on November 30th. Don't miss your chance to save as much as 35%, and get control over data defects, all from within JIRA.

Announcing DataQA for JIRA

We are happy to announce the official launch of our new product, DataQA for JIRA.

Great Scott!

Happy Back to the Future day.  We do not claim that the product we are launching this week will be as revolutionary as the Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor. After all, 1.21 gigawatts is pretty impressive from a couple of banana skins and some flat beer. 

Tap... tap... is this thing on?


BDQ YouTube Channel

As you may have seen, we recently published a couple of short videos. The first was an Introduction to DataQA® starring Chris and one that I did called Reports Overview. We have just posted these videos to YouTube and can be found on our new Business Data Quality Channel.

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