Expert consulting and managed services to help complex organisations to work flatter, faster and more dynamically.

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              Whether it's our own Atlassian Marketplace apps or the apps that we provide a value-added-reseller service for, you can trust BDQ for the best support, consultancy, training and implementation available.


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                • We provide high quality technology training to customers in the UK, EU and US.

                • Our customers range from small companies to multi-nationals. They all want to maximise employee productivity.

                • We listen to what our customers want to achieve, and take this into account when delivering the courses.

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                  From webinar recordings to whitepapers, case studies to blog posts. Help yourself to our free content that will hopefully inform and inspire.

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                    Automation, collaboration and work management.


                    Expert consulting and managed services to help complex organisations to work flatter, faster and more dynamically.

                    We specialises in automation, collaboration and work management, particularly in IT. Examples of areas we help customers with are below.

                    We can help you find the missing piece to unlock your potential!



                    BDQ - Solution Partners

                    Proving our commitment to making sure you get the best possible help from certified experts.

                    With everything we do, we want to be best, to be able to give our customers the best. As such, we don't just want to know the products, we want to be experts. To this end, wherever possible, we strive to achieve the highest possible accreditation for the Products and Solutions we offer.








                    BDQ Solutions


                    Cloud Migration Services

                    Painless, professional migrations to Atlassian's Cloud. Thinking of migrating to Cloud? We make it easy.

                    We are an accredited Atlassian Solution Partner with Atlassian certified staff, and we have a track record of implementations for companies of all sizes.

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                    Jira Service Management & ITSM

                    Painless, fixed price Jira Service Management ITSM implementations. Tired of the same old sub-par systems and lack of reporting? There is a better way.

                    We are an accredited Atlassian Solution Partner with Atlassian certified staff, and we have a track record of implementations for companies of all sizes.

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                    PII Services

                    BDQ’s new service can detect Personal Identifiable Information (PII) in text and attachments. We detect Personal Identifiable Information in Jira, Confluence and files.

                    It is ideal for audits, or for regular checks to ensure that organisations are not holding unauthorised data.

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                    Enhancement Hours

                    The most convenient way to get the certified expertise you need - a bank of hours that you can use when it suits you.

                    We offer you a simple, convenient way of getting the expertise you need, while also avoiding inaccurate quotes by providing the flexibility of pre-paid hours. Get free hours when you buy products through us.

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                    Digital Adoption Services

                    Implementing new software can give you the edge over your competition, but only if your teams are consistently using it in the right way.

                    Team based products need team based adoption - that's where BDQ can help ensure that everyone is using the software you invested in for the desired intent and to it's fullest extent - consistently.

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                    Atlassian Services

                    Maximise the potential of Atlassian products. Atlassian services are fundamentally about enabling collaboration and teamwork through the use of technology.

                    We provide professional, painless consultancy services for Atlassian products. We are an accredited Atlassian Solution Partner with Atlassian and ITIL certified staff, and a track record of implementations for companies of all sizes.

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                    Asana Digital Work Management

                    Asana - a simple, flexible way to manage work for business. Team based products like Asana need team based adoption. This is where BDQ can help.

                    We are an accredited Asana Solution Partner. To get the most out of any team based solution, our experience is that initial configuration and training is best done by experienced staff, so that you set off on the right foot.

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                    App4Legal Practice Management Solutions

                    App4Legal is a complete practice management software for all legal practitioners. In order to get the most out of the solution, BDQ will help with the implementation and adoption.

                    We are an accredited App4Legal Solution Partner. BDQ helps our customers solve work management challenges by providing solutions that have meaningful management reporting, and which are easy for staff to use and adopt.

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                    Test Automation & Management

                    Is testing a bottleneck in your DevOps pipeline? Reduce costs and increase quality with automation.

                    Whether you need a team to deliver a project, require high quality short-term consultancy or training, or wish to expand your existing team with specialist staff, we can help.

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                    GDPR Consultancy

                    GDPR has been a disruptive change, which must be managed correctly. EU citizens have a right to request information about data held on them, regardless of geography.

                    BDQ has extensive expertise in data profiling and data discovery. We offer consultancy services to carry out Personal Information Audits to identify the data that your organisation currently holds, that falls within the provisions of the legislation.

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                    DevOps Services

                    Get great, high quality software shipped. Faster. Challenge and win in the new digital world using practices adopted by the most disruptive companies.

                    We can help if you want to want to improve collaboration between Dev and Ops with the Atlassian products, or if you want to improve your AWS/Azure CI/CD processes to ship faster.

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                    BDQ AtlassianCare

                    Ever wish you had your own, certified Atlassian Administrator? Well now you can - with BDQ AtlassianCare

                    BDQ AtlassianCare provides flexible remote consultancy and advice for your Atlassian solutions. Get remote help, monitoring or ad-hoc support when needed.

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