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Lightning Implementations
For people who know what they want, and want it done fast
Enhancement Hours
Get best practice and configuration consultancy.
Review and Assessment
A low cost, low risk way to get the assistance you need.
Digital Adoption Services
Make sure software is being used consistently across teams.
PII Services
Our solution to help you find unauthorised data.
DevOps Services
Get great, high quality software shipped faster. Faster.
Test Automation & Management
Reduce costs and increase quality with automation.

    Atlassian Solutions

    Atlassian Enterprise
    Jira Work Management
    work management for technical & non-technical teams.
    Cloud Migration Services
    Quicker and more cost effective than doing it in house.
    Jira Service Management / ITSM
    Fast, painless, fixed price ITSM implementations.
    BDQ AtlassianCare
    Cost effective, flexible care options.
    Other Atlassian Services
    Maximise the potential of your Atlassian products.

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      Complete managament software for legal practitioners.
      Asana Digital Work Management
      A simple, flexible way to manage work for business.
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      Expert consulting and managed services to help complex organisations to work flatter, faster and more dynamically.

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              Whether it's our own Atlassian Marketplace apps or the apps that we provide a value-added-reseller service for, you can trust BDQ for the best support, consultancy, training and implementation available.

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                • We provide high quality technology training to customers in the UK, EU and US.

                • Our customers range from small companies to multi-nationals. They all want to maximise employee productivity.

                • We listen to what our customers want to achieve, and take this into account when delivering the courses.

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                  About Us

                  This is where you can find out all about BDQ. Where did we come from, what is our goal, what do our customers have to say about working with us? You'll find all those answers and more using the links here.

                  However, if you have any questions that you haven't found answers for, feel free to get in touch.




                    Atlassian Services

                    Maximise the potential of Atlassian products.


                    "I think it was BDQ's willingness to demonstrate their expertise with the Atlassian toolset, and to work with us to find the right solution that gave us the confidence that what we were trying to do was achievable"

                    Jim Killmister | Head of IT planning, Clarks

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                    Why partner with BDQ?

                    We provide professionalpainless consultancy services for Atlassian products. We are an accredited Atlassian Solution Partner with Atlassian and ITIL certified staff, and a track record of implementations for companies of all sizes.


                    We recognise that different situations need different types of service.

                    Project delivery
                    Our certified consultants focus on your business outcome. For further information on our delivery process, please see below.

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                    Responsive, ad-hoc consultancy
                    We can work by the hour to assist you. Ideal for small jobs, or a list of improvements.


                    Managed service
                    We form long term relationships, whereby we provide on-demand consultancy over a longer period of time – ideal for customers who need Atlassian expertise available, but who do not need a permanent presence on site.


                    The best way to prevent problems is through regular, proactive maintenance, alongside assistance when needed.


                    Free consultation
                    Get in touch and arrange a 30 minute consultation to discuss your needs and how we can help. There's absolutely no obligation, what have you got to lose?



                    PLUS we now offer to complete any and all Security Questionnaires related to product or service purchases through BDQ!

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                    How we deliver projects

                    BDQ's Engagement Process is an Agile, transparent method of delivering changes for clients.

                    We Discover what's needed, jointly Plan how the project is to be delivered and then Execute the plan, iterating through prototypes until the solution is finalised. Deployment includes training and implementation. We then we look to Enhance the solution, to ensure you are getting the most from your investment.

                    No customer has ever told us "I'd prefer more upfront analysis documentation, rather than seeing an early prototype."


                    At BDQ, we AIM to please

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                    Atlassian services are fundamentally about enabling collaboration and teamwork through the use of technology.

                    Atlassian products can help the whole become greater than the sum of the parts. Team coordination is essential for
                    delivering complex, sophisticated projects at speed.

                    Experience and skill

                    BDQ's goal is to deliver the outcomes our customers want. Our staff have a broad range of Atlassian Certifications ranging from the elite Master certification through to product specific certs, plus technical and management consulting skills, backed up by experience gained at some of the world's largest companies. 

                    We specialise in ITSM and Jira Service Management implementations, Cloud migrations and work management transformations.


                    We ourselves “dog food” the products every day. We use Atlassian products and third-party plug-ins to run our own business, whether this is managing customer engagements, organising marketing events, logging time or enabling our employees to access internal IT and HR services.



                    We offer top-quality training courses or run drop-in Dojo sessions to ensure that your staff can get the maximum benefit from the products.


                    We know how to integrate Atlassian Cloud and Server products with existing systems, and have experience in AWS, Azure, Java, JavaScript, C#, Node.js, Python and Perl.


                    Crown Commercial Service Supplier

                    We are a UK Atlassian Solution Partner with certified technical staff, and we can supply software and services to the UK public sector via G-Cloud 13. We have large public sector customers and can supply with standard VAT invoicing on NET30 terms, in GBP or USD as required.
                    Please get in contact for more information.

                    BDQ | ATLASSIAN G-CLOUD 13 SERVICES


                    "It is better for us to focus our efforts on revenue generation and growing the business rather than becoming expert Jira and Confluence administrators. We can rely on BDQ to be the Atlassian expert for us."

                    Graham Booth | Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder, 2iC

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