Atlassian Services

Maximise the potential of Atlassian products.

Atlassian Services

Atlassian services are fundamentally about enabling collaboration and teamwork through the use of technology. Atlassian products can help the whole become greater than the sum of the parts. Team coordination is essential for delivering complex, sophisticated projects at speed.

Our goal is to deliver outcomes for our customers. This requires a broad range of technical and management consulting skills, backed up by experience.

Concepts such as Agile can be applied to business projects just as much as IT, and the Atlassian products make this a reality.

Our staff have backgrounds as developers, managers and consultants and we have a wealth of technical, project management and Atlassian product expertise. We ourselves “dog food” the products every day. We use Atlassian products and third-party plug-ins to run our own business, whether this is managing customer engagements, organising marketing events, or enabling our employees to access internal IT and HR services.

We are an Approved Atlassian Training Provider (AATP), so we can offer top-quality courses as part of custom offerings, to ensure that your staff can get the maximum benefit from the products.

We can advise on people, processes, design and provide technical solutions and integrations. We can integrate Atlassian Cloud and Server products with existing systems, and have experience in Java, C#, Node.js, Python, Perl, and other technologies.

How we work with you

We recognise that different situations need different types of service.

Project delivery: we provide skilled consultants to deliver a project which will provide a business outcome.

Responsive, ad-hoc consultancy: we can work by the hour to assist you. 

Managed service: we form long term relationships, whereby we provide on-demand consultancy over a longer period of time – ideal for customers who need Atlassian expertise available, but who do not need a permanent presence on site.

24/7/365 support: the best way to prevent problems is through regular, proactive maintenance, alongside assistance when needed.

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