Zephyr for Jira Training and Test Management Workshop

Attendees will learn how to use Zephyr for Jira to create and manage tests, and take part in a workshop on how it can be implemented in their own environment.


This course is ideal for test teams and managers who want to be trained all the features of Zephyr for Jira, get advice on best practices, and have an informed team discussion on how to implement test management with the tool.

Attendees will learn how Zephyr for Jira is used for test management, gain hands-on experience working with Zephyr for Jira on worked examples, and are led in a workshop where their current test processes are compared to Zephyr for Jira. Attendees will be trained in how to create and organise tests and manage test cycles. Attendees will learn the basics of how to use Zephyr for Jira in an effective fashion and make the most of its extensive reporting facilities. Your testers will return to their jobs, able to make the most of its extensive features, and understand how to adjust their current processes to make best use of Zephyr for Jira.


Introductory to Intermediate


7 hour live classroom session or remote including hands-on exercises. If taken online, the workshop element has to be done as a facilitated online discussion, and is ideally delivered in a live classroom environment. Attendees must have access to a computer and the Internet.


After attending this course, attendees should be able to:

  • Understand how Zephyr for Jira maps on to standard software testing processes
  • Understand how to move from existing processes to Zephyr for Jira
  • Create and import test cases
  • Organise test cases
  • Create test cycles to execute sets of tests
  • Assign tests, and test cycles
  • Create reports and dashboards, and use the traceability reports from stories to test cases
  • Search tests and execution cycles
  • Export test data
  • Perform administration


This course is designed for novice, or new Zephyr for Jira users, or test managers. This course is not intended to teach attendees how to test software, but will discuss how Zephyr for Jira compares with existing test processes that may be in place.


  • Ideally, attendees should have done the Jira Essentials course or have equivalent experience using Jira.
  • Basic QA and Testing experience is assumed.

Our training courses can be held publicly, privately or on site. For alternative dates or locations, please contact us for more information: enquiries@bdq.cloud

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