Test automation and test management

Is testing a bottleneck in your DevOps pipeline? Reduce costs and increase quality with automation.

Test automation and test management

Test automation and test management

Test automation reduces the amount of manual testing required, increases the speed and capacity to perform testing, and reduces costs. It is a key part of DevOps. Without test automation, CI/CD pipelines simply generate untested product faster. Techniques such as decoupling, componentisation, unit testing, API testing and technologies such as Servicetrace, executed as part of a CI/CD pipeline can bring huge quality, productivity and cost-saving improvements. Open source test automation technologies such as Selenium can be integrated into a CI/CD pipeline, or products such as Servicetrace allow multiple technologies, such as browsers, phones, PoS systems and more to be tested with a comprehensive approach, rather than a patchwork of technologies.

To manage and report on test processes, products such as Zephyr shine – providing both enterprise level test management, or fully integrated JIRA plugins.

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