BDQ AtlassianCare

Choose from a cost effective, flexible range of
care options to meet your needs.

BDQ AtlassianCare provides flexible remote consultancy and advice for your Atlassian solutions. If you want a reliable, UK based partner with Atlassian Certified staff, who can help you out with ad-hoc advice, administration, configuration and getting the best out of your Atlassian products, then our BDQ AtlassianCare package is for you. It's like having a virtual Atlassian Certified administrator - actually several, with a different specialities!

What are the options for setting up a Jira project? How should Service Desk be implemented, and how best to integrate Service with Software Development? How can we better manage our Jira system now that it has lots of users? What is the best practice on Workflows? Advice on permissions? Backup/restore? Crucible? Git? Automation? SLAs? LDAP configuration? Implementation and rollout? Will Jira solve a particular business problem? What's involved with migrating from Server to Cloud, or vice versa? Can we integrate with an internal system?

These are just a subset of the questions we get asked! Rather than spending your time solving a one off task, allow us to help you.

We recognise that you want flexibility. and that there may be periods where you need no assistance - it's business as usual. Other times, you will want more support, so you can scale up and down as needed. Sometimes - onsite is best, and we can do that too. If you have a more defined piece of work, then we provide consultancy days or solution pricing, which have a different pricing structure. Please get in touch with your requirements.

Pay As You Go - Ultimate Flexibility

Sometimes, you have a one-off job that needs completing, or you just want a piece of advice from an experienced Atlassian Certified consultant. 

We know that some tasks can be quick, so we track work in quarter hour sessions. You don't have to pay for more time than you need.

Get in touch and get your problem sorted.

Pay as you go
Ideal for one-off pieces of work

“Working with BDQ was pleasurable and effortless. They did a really great job of demystifying areas of the products. We would still be scratching our heads and going down rabbit holes. We were very impressed and would certainly work with BDQ again.”

Patrik McCormack, Senior Project Manager, Evolve


Monthly Care - No Commitment

Get bigger discounts with our monthly plans. These are ideal if you have a small project, or want support for a rollout.  All sessions must be used up within the month of purchase.
Care 20
20 sessions/mo*
10% discount
on our standard rate
Ideal for advice and admin tasks, setting up backups and restores.
Care 40
40 sessions/mo*
12.5% discount
on our hourly rate
Great for analysing business problems and implementing solutions.
Care 80
80 sessions/mo*
15% discount
on our hourly rate
Provide ongoing assistance for roll-outs and upgrades.

“The new instances set up and configured by BDQ have delivered exactly what I wanted. We have confidence in how the permissions scheme has been configured in Confluence and the Jira workflow will support our development efforts going forward”.

Graham Booth, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, 2iC

*Amount shown is price per session. The number of sessions listed per month is the minimum billed per month, regardless of use. Price shown does not include VAT.

Annual Care - Best Value

This is ideal if you have ongoing requirements, and want to work with a partner who understands your business. We know that you also need flexibility - some parts of the year are busier than other!

Just choose one of our monthly plans, commit for 12 months, and have 2 months on us. If you want to change your monthly plan, just let us know.


12 months for the price of 10
Invoiced monthly
Roll forward unused sessions for up to 3 months
Freeze for up to 2 months

Bespoke Plans

We can't please all of the people, all of the time. For example, some of our clients require a mix of on-site days for larger pieces of work, plus remote consultancy for small day to day tasks. 

Get in touch and let's discuss what you need.

Onsite Consultancy

Sometimes face to face is better. Instead of buying consultancy separately, we can convert unused remote sessions into consultancy days, including expenses depending on location.

The Small Print

No one likes lots of small print and so we try and make ours clear, visible and transparent: 

  • Each consultancy session is initiated via our Jira Support Desk, found here. Each session deals with one topic, and will consume at least one unit.
  • We can convert remote consultancy sessions into on site consultancy days at a ratio of 25 sessions to 1 day, by mutual agreement.
  • Travel expenses: BDQ are based in North London, and visiting a client in John O'Groats is more expensive than a customer in the City of London. If your office is within London's Zone 1, there are no surcharges. Otherwise, we may apply a surcharge depending on the duration of the travel required. Surcharges can paid by converting outstanding consultancy sessions, so there is no need for additional payments, unless there are insufficient sessions available. We will never charge you travel surcharges without asking you first.
  • For the annual contract, all consultancy sessions and days must be consumed within the 12 month period of the contract.
  • For the monthly care packages, we invoice monthly, auto-renew, and stop with 1 week of notice from the client. The monthly bill is calculated as (monthly package session price * number of sessions in the monthly package). All the sessions have to be used up within the month.
  • For the annual care package, we invoice monthly at a rate of (X*10) / 12, where X is the standard monthly billing price for the chosen package. You can change the monthly care package every month with one weeks notice. The annual care package auto-renews, but can be cancelled with one month's notice.
  • You can freeze up to two months within an annual care package, with one weeks notice. After two months, we will automatically unfreeze the contract and commence monthly invoicing.

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