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We partner closely with Zephyr for QA and Test Management solutions, offering implementation and training services. Zephyr’s products are excellent – they have solutions for small test teams, but range up to sophisticated enterprise level testing for the largest enterprises, and the latest features on their enterprise product are very strong on automation, dashboarding, and data analytics.

We think that communication and transparency are key to the success of any IT project, and Zephyr’s reporting and analytics provide great support.

Zephyr Teams and Enterprise

Zephyr Teams and Enterprise

Zephyr is an enterprise level test management and QA product.

Reporting and analytics

Zephyr’s enterprise QA product has extremely strong dashboarding and reporting features. It can report on information across the DevOps lifecycle, not just its own test data.

Test automation

The latest versions have built in support for test automation, and can extract information from multiple test automation frameworks such as Selenium, making it easy for companies to have a single place to report on all aspects of manual and automated testing.

Seamless Jira integration

If that wasn’t enough, it has seamless real time integration with Jira (with no fragile synchronisation techniques). For example, users can elect to keep all their requirements and defect information in Jira, with test management and reporting maintained in Zephyr.

Enterprise scalability

Finally it scales up to support the largest enterprises, in terms of concurrent users and test case volumes. It is has a very modern web based architecture, with a great company behind it.

Please get in contact if you want more information or a demonstration.

Zephyr for Jira

Zephyr for Jira

Zephyr for Jira is a test management Jire app providing a native JIRA experience, on both Cloud and Server. It is a great product for companies who want to start addressing QA and Testing explicitly within Jira. It is the most popular Test Management App for Jira, and has over 18000 customers.

Customers who choose the ZAPI add-on can also integrate with automation tools, to combine manual and automated test results within the one product, all inside Jira.

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