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      Expert consulting and managed services to help complex organisations to work flatter, faster and more dynamically.

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              Whether it's our own Atlassian Marketplace apps or the apps that we provide a value-added-reseller service for, you can trust BDQ for the best support, consultancy, training and implementation available.

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                      • We provide high quality technology training to customers in the UK, EU and US.

                      • Our customers range from small companies to multi-nationals. They all want to maximise employee productivity.

                      • We listen to what our customers want to achieve, and take this into account when delivering the courses.

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                        From webinar recordings to whitepapers, case studies to blog posts. Help yourself to our free content that will hopefully inform and inspire.

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                          Whether you're Agile or waterfall, the test management portfolio at SmartBear supports development native on Jira as well as secure on-prem solutions that offer broad test management capabilities for any size company.


                          We partner closely with Zephyr for QA and Test Management solutions, offering implementation and training services. Zephyr’s products are excellent – they have solutions for small test teams, but range up to sophisticated enterprise level testing for the largest enterprises, and the latest features on their enterprise product are very strong on automation, dashboarding, and data analytics.

                          We think that communication and transparency are key to the success of any IT project, and Zephyr’s reporting and analytics provide great support.

                          Choose between three world-class solutions and find what’s right for your size and complexity.

                          Zephyr Full Color

                          Zephyr Squad Full Color

                          Small, Agile teams

                          ☑️ Test design

                          ☑️ Test executions
                          ☑️ Automation and integration with BDD and CI tools
                          ☑️ Single-project reporting

                          Zephyr Squad is the #1 selling test management solution for Jira. Over 7.5 million users across 100 countries rely on Zephyr Squad for flexible test management inside Jira. This tool is ideally suited for smaller, agile-focused teams looking to get started with test management inside Jira. 

                           Zephyr Squad is a native Jira app that lets you add testing capabilities to your overall planning, development, bug tracking, and reporting processes in Jira. If you already use Jira for Agile release management, Zephyr Squad lets you easily add test management to the mix, and you don’t have to worry about working with “yet another tool or platform”. All the test management basics are present and accounted for – including test design, execution, and reporting – making it easy for teams already familiar with Jira to start testing immediately.

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                          Zephyr Scale Full Color

                          Mid-size, growing Teams

                          ☑️ Reusability-at-scale features

                          ☑️ Lightweight test planning

                          ☑️ Automation and integration with BDD and CI tools

                          ☑️ Cross-project reporting

                          Zephyr Scale is a scalable, performant test management solution inside Jira with advanced test planning, reporting, and reusability features. This tool is ideally suited for medium sized, growing teams that are looking for a more structured test management solution inside Jira. 

                          What makes Zephyr Scale stand out from similar tools is that its test entities are linked, but not directly based on the Jira issue types. This lets you easily configure your own custom fields and statuses to a greater degree at a project level, without the need to involve a Jira admin. Zephyr Scale also comes with advanced reusability features, such as cross-project hierarchical test libraries, versioning, and parameters. Like Zephyr Squad, you have the option to scale your testing with BDD, CI/CD, and automation integration. To ensure the best visibility across teams, Zephyr Scale users can also take advantage of over 70 out-of-the-box reports and Jira dashboard gadgets.

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                          Zephyr Enterprise Full Color

                          Mid-Large, Complex Teams

                          ☑️ Bi-directional Jira integration

                          ☑️ End-to-end traceability

                          ☑️ Enterprise-grade test planning and auditing

                          ☑️ Flexible support for third-party automation frameworks

                          ☑️ Legacy ALM migration path and transition plan

                          ☑️ Premium enterprise support

                          Zephyr Enterprise is robust, standalone test management solution that offers the most comprehensive set of features in the Zephyr family. This tool is ideally suited for large organizations that most likely already use some enterprise-grade test management solution. 

                          Not only can Zephyr Enterprise import data from Jira (such as defects, requirements, or test cases), but it can also connect and consolidate data from multiple Jira instances within your organization. Zephyr Enterprise meets the most demanding requirements around privacy and security (with enterprise-grade LDAP, SSO, Encryption in Transit and at Rest), provides enterprise-grade test planning, and offers support for multiple test automation workflows and frameworks, making it the perfect tool for consolidating teams that use disparate, homegrown automation solutions.

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                          Reporting and analytics

                          Zephyr’s enterprise QA product has extremely strong dashboarding and reporting features. It can report on information across the DevOps lifecycle, not just its own test data.

                          Test automation

                          The latest versions have built in support for test automation, and can extract information from multiple test automation frameworks such as Selenium, making it easy for companies to have a single place to report on all aspects of manual and automated testing.

                          Seamless Jira integration

                          If that wasn’t enough, it has seamless real time integration with Jira (with no fragile synchronisation techniques). For example, users can elect to keep all their requirements and defect information in Jira, with test management and reporting maintained in Zephyr.

                          Enterprise scalability

                          Finally it scales up to support the largest enterprises, in terms of concurrent users and test case volumes. It is has a very modern web based architecture, with a great company behind it. Please get in contact if you want more information or a demonstration.


                          Whether you've made your decision or are unsure which solution is best for you, get in touch. We're happy to discuss the options with you and help you find the best solution for your needs.


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                          Zephyr Full White

                          We're not just value-added resellers - we also offer great Zephyr training courses.

                          Including a range of topics, levels and attendance options, we're sure to have a course that can help you get the most out of your Zephyr instance.
                          BDQ Training | Invest in your greatest asset -  your people.


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