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                • Our customers range from small companies to multi-nationals. They all want to maximise employee productivity.

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                    PII Services

                    BDQ’s new service can detect Personal Identifiable Information (PII) in text and attachments. We detect Personal Identifiable Information in Jira, Confluence and files.

                    It is ideal for audits, or for regular checks to ensure that organisations are not holding unauthorised data.


                    Customer Success Stories

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                    BDQ's PII Services help you make sure you only have the sensitive data you're supposed to have.

                    We live in a time where GDPR, personal identifiable information and sensitive data are much more than just buzz words. They are (or should be) very serious considerations for every company that uses and relies on IT systems... which is almost every company!

                    One security breach could leave your company vulnerable not only to loss of data and viruses, but also the embarrassing and possibly damaging need to explain to your customers/clients how their personal identifiable information came to be vulnerable. Especially if you thought that information had already been properly processed and removed from your systems. 

                    However, with on-site and cloud systems that can run into gigabytes, terabytes or even more, plus the added complication of file attachments, how can you be sure that you have found and processed every item of PII? It is not unknown for Keys and Passwords to be included in Jira Issues and Confluence pages.



                    That's where BDQ PII Services comes in!

                    Not only can we find instances of PII within your system - including inside any attachments, and in your Jira and/or Confluence backups - we will show you the location of the the offending data and even categorize the data so that you can process the most serious items first.

                    Checking your systems for sensitive data and PII shouldn't be a one time deal. We recommend that you not only schedule regular PII Scans in order to keep on top of things, but also adding in extra scans before uploading/backing up to the Cloud or before transferring your data to another third party.

                    Regular scans can also help you identify patterns in how data is being used and saved by your employees. This can help Team Leaders and  Managers discover weak links in the flow of PII within your company.


                    Cloud Migrations

                    When migrating your internal Jira/Confluence server to the Atlassian Cloud, this a great time to check that your current instances don’t contain sensitive/inappropriate data, before they are moved outside of your organisation.

                    BDQ can help you with this under our Cloud Migration Services. For more information →




                    Know your options

                    As we need to have access to your data, it's understandable that you may be concerned with how we handle and store your data during and after the process.



                    Our PII Service can be run on site, behind your own firewall. This may be the only option for businesses with the strictest security requirements or concerns. 

                    In the AWS Cloud


                    All of your data is held securely on a dedicated AWS Cloud instance. The default region is UK as that is where we are based but we can also run in whichever region you require. Plus all your data is deleted once the process is complete and you are satisfied our part is finished. Lastly, you retain full, permanent control over deleting the results.

                    Where can our PII Service check?



                    Backups and attachments



                    Backups and attachments


                    Folders of files

                    Dropbox, OneDrive, etc


                    + custom sources

                    Talk to us, we can customise our service to suit your needs

                    How does it work?

                    We take backups of your Jira and Confluence instances, scan them and give you the results. This can be done as a one-off, for example in advance of migrations, or it can be run on a regular basis to monitor for new PII being introduced.


                    Your data can remain on-premise, behind your firewall or can be processed in a secure AWS instance in a region of your choosing.

                    What PII can we find?

                    • ABA routing number
                    • Credit card numbers
                    • Crypto account numbers
                    • Domain names
                    • Email addresses
                    • IBAN codes
                    • NIF tax ID numbers
                    • FIN/NRIC numbers
                    • Bank account numbers
                    • NHS numbers
                    • Postcodes/zip codes
                    • IP addressess (IPv4 & IPv6)
                    • Drivers license numbers
                    • US ITIN
                    • Passport numbers
                    • Phone numbers
                    • SSN
                    • Passwords
                    • + many more to come


                    PLUS: If there is a type of PII that you would like us to find that isn't on the list, get in touch. We can customise our service to meet your needs.


                    Ready to check your Jira Tasks, Confluence Pages and attachment files for PII?

                    Use the form below to get in touch and discuss how our PII Service can help you find sensitive data.