Zephyr for Jira Test Automation Workshop

Attendees will learn about all the features that Zephyr for Jira has for supporting test automation. Attendees will be equipped with the knowledge on how to integrate Zephyr for Jira into their chosen test automation framework, so that both manual and automated test results can be seen together. We show the CI/CD plugins in action, along with the APIs.


This course is ideal for test teams and managers who want to be trained all the automation features of Zephyr for Jira, and get advice on best practice.

Attendees will learn how Zephyr for Jira can be used to report on test automation, and gain hands-on experience working with the various APIs and plugins that Zephyr makes available. We will discuss how Zephyr structures its reporting results, and how the automation framework injects data into these reports. There are various APIs and plugins and we give examples for all of them. Attendees will go through exercises where they will use a CI/CD tool (typically Jenkins or Bamboo - please see below) to create build jobs and post results back into Zephyr. We also cover A.T.O.M and ZBot task execution and configuration. We will also recap how REST and JSON work.


Intermediate to Advanced


3.5 hour live classroom session or remote including hands-on exercises. Attendees must have access to a computer and the Internet.


After attending this course, attendees should be able to:

  • Understand the available integration options and their differences
  • Understand how Zephyr for Jira structures its data in terms of Releases, Cycles and Test Cases
  • Understand how build projects generate test data which can be used by Zephyr 
  • Understand REST and JSON basics to support the API usage
  • Use the Bamboo/Jenkins plugin for Zephyr in order to integrate Zephyr with your CI/CD tool
  • Know how to use the Zephyr test automation framework: ATOM / ATOM Zbot / ATOM REST API
  • ZBot configuration
  • How to use the Zephyr ZAPI documentation
  • Know how to call the REST APIs for Zephyr and Jira from cURL, Postman and Python


This course is designed for Zephyr for Jira testers and managers who want to learn more about how to integrate Zephyr for Jira with their test automation frameworks. This course is not intended to teach attendees how to automate testing.


  • Ideally, attendees should have done the Jira Essentials course or have equivalent experience using Jira.
  • Basic QA and Testing experience is assumed.
  • Attendees should have taken our Zephyr Basics course, or have a good working knowledge of Zephyr for Jira.
  • Please let us know what your favoured build tool is in advance. We can provide exercises for both Bamboo or Jenkins, will work with you to see if we can assist if you are using a different solution.
  • We use a Java/Maven/JUnit project as the example - the principles are transferable. Please let us know if you have different requirements.


Our training courses can be held publicly, privately or on site. For alternative dates or locations, please contact us for more information: enquiries@bdq.cloud

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