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How to address challenges with managing requirements

In this guest blog Sanjay Zalavadia, VP of Client Services at Zephyr, describes how to address some of the challenges associated with managing requirements.

Mitigating Common Defects Found While Product Testing

In this guest blog Sanjay Zalavadia, VP of Client Services at Zephyr, describes how to mitigate common defects found while product testing.

GitLabs' database incident

No one who works in the tech industry should have any schadenfreude in response to GitLab’s outage yesterday as reported by Business Insider and TechCrunch.

Enabling controlled and secure information sharing with business partners using Confluence

“The new instances set up and configured by BDQ have delivered exactly what I wanted. We have confidence in how the permissions scheme has been configured in Confluence and the JIRA workflow will support our development efforts going forward.” Graham Booth, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, 2iC

How to improve cycle time for performance testing

In this guest blog Sanjay Zalvadia, VP of Client Services at Zephyr, shares three key tips to improve cycle time for performance testing.

Happy New Year 2017

Hello and a slightly belated happy new year and best wishes for 2017 from all of us here at BDQ. We hope that your first week back to work is going well and that you're not drowning under emails following the festive break - see Beat email overload with JIRA Service Desk and catWorkX for some tips...

Webinar: How teams work smarter with Atlassian HipChat

We previously asked for feedback about which of the Atlassian products would make a good subject for a webinar. Thank you to so many who responded with suggestions. We will be announcing a series of webinars over the coming weeks based on your feedback.

BDQ is proud to resell Balsamiq Mockups

We have been very happy customers of Balsamiq for many years using their Mockups product to put together user interface designs for all the software that we have built.

Where to get started when implementing DevOps

In this guest blog Sanjay Zalavadia, VP of Client Services at Zephyr, shares 3 great tips for how to start when implementing DevOps.

BDQ solution briefing webinars

The Atlassian products and the ecosystem surrounding them provides an incredibly powerful and flexible software stack. These products can unlock the potential of teams across many different business functions to organise, discuss and complete work.

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