Getting started with the Zephyr for JIRA Importer Utility

In our role as Zephyr expert partners, customers often ask us how to import existing test cases into Zephyr for JIRA or Zephyr Enterprise Edition. These might be in Excel, CSV, or perhaps they are held in another system, and need migrating. 

The importer is flexible, and Zephyr have even made the source code available should tweaks be necessary. If you are looking for some help in moving from an existing test management system, or if this is part of a bigger Atlassian DevOps initiative, we can provide support and advice on the stack for you. And if you just want to get your team up to speed with Zephyr for JIRA, we have our very own half day training course.

You can see the full article we wrote on Zephyr's website hereIf you have any questions, please get in contact with us.

Happy testing!!!

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