HR Management with Jira

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Jira is often thought of as an IT tool. There is no doubt that it is fantastic for managing the processes around bug fixes, development and IT support, but it can do much more. We use it internally for all manner of tasks that require workflows, structured information and reporting, including sales, marketing, expenses and HR.

Jira Core was created especially for non technical teams, such as:

  • Legal
  • HR
  • Finance
  • Asset managers
  • Technical Writers
  • Marketing

In this blogpost, we are going to give you a few examples of how it can be used in an HR context. There are many different ways that this can be done, depending on customer requirements, but hopefully this will show you what can be done. A second blogpost will examine how Riada's Insight addon can be used to hold information about employees and other assets in a more structured way.


Let's talk about onboarding. This is an important process for all new employees. There will be a large number of teams involved, and it is very easy to miss something. There are IT tasks, legal tasks, financial tasks and HR tasks which must all be performed correctly to ensure that someone is successfully onboarded. Jira can solve the issues around collaboration and task management easily.


Many teams have to collaborate in order to onboard a new employee. A sample workflow is shown below. If you are thinking that some tasks can be done in parallel, you would be right - this can be managed easily with subtasks, but we will keep it simple.

A sample workflow is shown below. This demonstrates how the work flows from team to team, and how we always know what is going on.

Jira workflow showing the onboarding process


Collaborating around the detail

We can see below that all the information about onboarding our new employee is held in one place.

Jira issue showing the detail of onboarding a new employee.

As work flows throughout the process, different teams can interact with it in a structured way. Everyone can see what needs to happen to successfully onboard the new staff member.

Detail of the steps required to onboard the employee. Some are completed. There are also comments that say where the new employee should collect their new phone.


Finishing the onboarding process

At any time, all stakeholders can see the status of the on boarding process. There are lots of benefits to this:

  • One data source of all requirements
  • Easy to manage time (just sort all the issues by custom field)
  • Great collaboration in one place
  • No needed to find who’s responsible for specific area
  • Easy to understand current status


Jira dashboard for onboarding project. Shows tasks assigned to the currently logged in user and the list of overall tasks with current statuses.



We hope that you found this useful - a simple example of how JIRA can be quickly configured to solve business problems.

Please get in contact with us if you have any collaboration or management tasks that need solving!

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