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"T-5... 4... 3... 2... 1... 0. Lift-off."


Hello and welcome to the launch of our new website.

Finally spring seems to have come to London and what better time to for us to do a little spring cleaning and renewal?

As part of this update you may have noticed that we have changed our domain to and our trading name to BDQ. Not only will this change save precious keystrokes (typing has always been a bit of a workout for the fingers) but also reflects a change in emphasis for the company.

We remain convinced that data quality is a crucial foundation for successful IT projects and are committed to continuing to develop our products that support those kinds of efforts, including DataQA for JIRA. But, as we know from our own years of development experience, this is only part of the solution when it comes to creating great software and more broadly delivering any kind of complex project.

I am therefore very happy to announce two partnerships that address other key components of the lifecycle of a project.



Firstly, it gives me great pleasure to say G'Day to Atlassian, the Australian titan of the technology industry. Best known for their agile software development planning and issue management product JIRA and their team collaboration software Confluence, their products now encompass supporting all aspects of the teamwork required to develop and deliver projects - from initial requirements through to the end product.

We have been enthusiastic customers for many years and have recently become an Atlassian Expert partner. This means that we can resell Atlassian products and also the numerous third-party add-ons available on the Atlassian Marketplace - let us give you a quote, you might be surprised. Want to consolidate your annual maintenance from a number of application purchases into a single, simple, annual payment? We can help. Flexible payment terms via invoice? Let's have a chat.

In addition to software licenses, we are also offering four different lift-off services packages and training courses that will help your projects get off the launch pad. Focus on what you want to deliver and let our BDQ consultants maximise the return from your Atlassian software investment and get to the benefits quicker.



Our second partnership addresses another crucial part of delivering successful projects, that of testing.

Zephyr's real-time solutions have transformed how development and QA teams of all sizes collaborate on releasing high quality software. Trusted by over 7000 customers across 100 countries to help manage 15,000,000+ test cases.

Again, we use Zephyr internally and have seen the difference that the software can bring to the visibility of how testing is progressing and have seen the results in terms of improved reliability of releases.

Let us bring these benefits to your projects too. We can offer you licenses for both Zephyr's add-ons for Atlassian and Zephyr's Enterprise products plus consultancy and training to get the best out your Zephyr implementation.


We have many exciting announcements coming over the next few months regarding these partnerships. Follow us on social media to keep updated.

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