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As I was sat in the barber's chair one lunchtime earlier this week, I was thinking about BDQ's various different social media profiles and our plans to spruce them up a bit. As time has gone on, they have started to look a little unkempt, perhaps. In need of a bit of trim, here and there. Overall, just in need of a little smartening up.  

The most visible change is that we have chosen to replace the banner images with a photograph of the Thames in our home city of London. The photograph includes hints of our logo's colour, what our graphic designer calls BDQ Aubergine, #720054 for anyone playing along at home. 


Please take a look at our profiles and follow, like or subscribe to keep up to date with news from BDQ. We would welcome any feedback, comments or questions that you may have. 

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Social media icons by dreamstale. Licensed under CC Attribution.

One thing that you might find useful is a new playlist on our YouTube channel about our recently released new product, DataQA for JIRA. It includes an overview video, a short product demonstration and then several more that drill into different parts of the add-on. 

Please find the YouTube playlist here.

As you may have seen from our recent blog post, we are offering an introductory discount of up to 35% until November 30th.

Save money and get control over data defects. Redeem this coupon in the Atlassian marketplace now:



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