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                    1 min read

                    DataQA delivering insight on global SAP project

                    We're not the only people to think DataQA is a great product. Jeremy Walker, Data Quality consultant at Phusis, is using DataQA on a global SAP standardisation programme, at a multinational Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) company. Assessing how much of the existing SAP data, from across the globe, can be readily loaded into their new global instance, Jeremy is delivering up to 20x more actionable insight than other methods.

                    Here's Jeremy to explain more:

                    "I have been using Data QA to create thorough data quality reports as part of a migration for an international FMCG client within an SAP environment. These reports shows how much data does not comply with business and application rules, thus allowing the project management to understand risk and scope cleansing efforts.

                    The software features an intuitive drag and drop interface that allows quick and easy creation of rules - all of which are fully customisable where tweaks are required to suit the particular scenario.

                    The approach is very agile, allowing the user to add a large number of rules and generate a comprehensive report very quickly. Data can also be re-tested as required, meaning that you can continuously validate data throughout the project lifecycle, which saves a lot of time when there are changes to either the rules or data. DataQA can operate against files or databases, so I did not have to spend time coaxing data into a database in order to detect problems.

                    Data QA has played a pivotal role in testing truly bespoke complex business rules as the nature of the product allows the user to test virtually anything. BDQ made themselves available to guide me through the creation of the first few complex rules, which I have since been able to do myself within the tool.

                    The output of the tests comes in a very clear format - showing the business exactly what needs to be changed and why, making the reports extremely powerful for the people who need to correct the data. I estimate that the overall solution gets us results 10-20x faster than traditional methods such as Excel macros, or hand crafted SQL."