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Atlassian Cloud migrations and integrations

Many customers are now migrating to the Cloud – moving applications to either IaaS/PassS providers, or choosing pure play SaaS solutions. We can advise you on which Atlassian product is most suitable for your business based on your requirements and priorities. If a migration is required, we can perform this migration for you, providing a turnkey solution. Our consultants have experience working with customers of all sizes, performing integrations with external systems and authentication providers such as AzureAD, and we have proven approaches to ensuring that a migration occurs successfully.

In terms of Atlassian Cloud, or licenses: there are good reasons for choosing Atlassian Cloud (SaaS): infrastructure, upgrades and backups are all provided by the software vendor, which can reduce your management costs.

There are also good reasons for choosing Server and DataCenter licenses on IaaS: full control, the most powerful add-ons to solve business problems, choice over precisely where your data is hosted, flexibility in terms of integration choices, or using DataCenter for the highest uptime potential. You can bring your own hardware, or use cloud providers such AWS or Azure. This choice is typically driven by privacy and control requirements.

So – whether you have an unsupported “shadow IT” JIRA server under a desk that needs to be moved to the Cloud, or whether you need a multi product enterprise migration to Atlassian’s Cloud with SAML authentication performed by Azure AD, or whether you need to bring an Atlassian Cloud solution back on premise – we can help.

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