World Book Day

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Today is World Book Day and to celebrate we thought we would share just a few books that we have found useful or enjoyed.

The DevOps Handbook


The DevOps Handbook

A very readable overview of modern DevOps practices. Full of actionable suggestions for how to implement change within organisations.

The Cathedral and the Bazaar


The Cathedaral and the Bazaar

The manifesto that did so much to define the open-source software movement. Published in 2001, it is interesting to look back to the beginnings of that revolution.

The Cuckoo's Egg


The Cuckoo's Egg

A new cover on this page turning account of chasing a hacker through US military, scientific and intelligence networks, due to a $0.75 discrepancy in a user accounting system.

Also includes a good recipe for chocolate chip cookies.

The Soul of the New Machine


The Soul of a New Machine

First published in 1981, this deservedly Pulitzer Prize winning book tells the story of a team of hardware engineers at Data General creating a new 32-bit minicomputer against a very tough timescale.

JIRA Strategy Admin Workbook


JIRA Strategy Admin Workbook

Our final book is a must for anyone administrating Jira. Chock full of insight and actionable suggestions for how to set up, clean up and maintain the product.



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