About us

BDQ is a customer-centric software services company, based in London.

Our core focus is on the Atlassian technology stack and the Zephyr test management products, and how these can deliver value to our customers.

As Atlassian Gold Solution Partners, we are highly trained and experienced with the Atlassian toolset, providing tailored solutions and one-to-one service.

We are a Zephyr Expert Partner, meaning we have an unsurpassed understanding of how Zephyr's testing technology helps deliver high quality software.

Atlassian Gold Solution Partner         Zephyr Expert Partner


We are also partnered with Riada and Tempo.

For over a decade, Riada has provided professional services and software solutions to the market, used by thousands of organisations all over the world. The add-on Insight gives you the opportunity to manage & control your assets in JIRA with automation, integration, visualisation, reporting and open API's. Insight truly unleashes the power of Enterprise Asset Management with the Atlassian platform.

Insight unleashes the power of Enterprise Asset Management with the Atlassian platform. You can use Insight for all things that aren't issues, such as hardware, software, people, facilities, licences, contracts and so much more.

Insight is not only used by ITSM teams. IT-teams use insight to control assets like computers, phones, accessories etc. Software teams use Insight to manage release information like software components, packages and versions. Business teams use Insight to manage on-boarding of employees, financial information, marketing & legal assets and much more.


Tempo is a cloud-first software company that provides our customers with state-of-art tracking and planning experiences in their daily work. From visualising work, collaborating, planning and scheduling resources to managing budgets and tracking time directly from their daily workflow for accounting, billing, payroll, and more, Tempo products are designed to enhance the efficiency of Atlassian's JIRA.

More than 10,000 customers in over 100 countries trust Tempo to be successful. Our customers include small start-ups to large-scale distributed enterprises such as NASA, Amazon, Paypal, Toshiba, Disney, BMW, and Princeton University.

Tempo is one of the largest, award-winning, and bestselling add-on vendors in the Atlassian Ecosystem, and has an established network of more than 100 partners worldwide.



BDQ are a Crown Commercial Supplier through the GOV.UK G-Cloud digital marketplace, so we can provide software and services to UK public sector clients.


“With BDQ's help, we feel that the products are now working for us, rather than us servicing the products.

From the very first call we were already making progress. Off the bat, we were learning how to better make use of Atlassian and Zephyr, leaving us to focus on customer work rather than grappling with the products themselves. “

Patrik McCormack, Senior Project Manager, Evolve


Our Background

BDQ was founded in 2002 and launched its first product later that year - a data profiling product, BDQ Analysis.  Along with notable direct customers (e.g. Swiss Re, Lloyds of London, Tokio Marine, COLT), commercial relationships developed with leading data quality firms saw BDQ Analysis included as part of their packaged solutions and sold across Europe, the Americas and Australasia.

This was followed up with data quality monitoring tools such as Data Monitor, used by the Atomic Weapons Establishment, and then DataQA, a fully customisable data rule testing solution.

We use the Atlassian product stack to assist with the delivery of our own products, but took this one step further, authoring the DataQA for JIRA plugin, which took the key concepts of our Data Monitor product, and put them right inside JIRA, releasing this into the Atlassian Marketplace.

Our background was in writing enterprise data quality products from scratch, using multiple technologies on Windows and Linux, then selling and supporting them within large companies and business partners. We used the Atlassian product suite to enable our own business.

Now we enable our customers' businesses, by implementing the Atlassian technology stack and the Zephyr test management products.