Using Zephyr for JIRA

Course ID: ZFJ001

Course description

This course is designed to make you an effective user of Zephyr for JIRA. If your company just transitioned to Zephyr for JIRA, or you have brought on new users, and you want to make sure that your team is up to speed, this is the course for you.


This course goes through the purpose and scope of Zephyr for JIRA, and how it can supports test management.

You will understand how to create tests in Zephyr for JIRA, execute tests, how to set up a Test Process, and the reports available which will help you understand your team's Testing execution progress.

This training course will have a strong interactive element, to ensure that trainees understand how to use Zephyr for JIRA. 

Topics to be covered
  • Creating tests
  • Importing tests
  • Understanding how Zephyr for JIRA links with the rest of JIRA, including linking to requirements and other issues
  • Executing tests.
  • Cloning tests.
  • Understanding the execution statuses that are available
  • Organising tests - versions, components and labels
  • Searching tests
  • Deleting tests
  • Understanding test cycles and how they help you plan your testing, track progress, and report on quality metrics
  • Understanding the reports that available to help you track test progress, and view traceability from requirements through to defects
  • Understand the gadgets that are available, and how you can create your own custom dashboards for reporting
  • Recording defects found in the application to be tested, creating new ones, or linking to existing problems
  • A brief mention of advanced searching using the ZQL language
  • Brief mention of administration, where to get more information, and what can be done



4 hours, either a morning or afternoon.


£395 per attendee, minimum 10 attendees.


Webinar. Trainees must have access to the internet and a web browser. This course can be delivered on site, please contact us for details.




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