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Testing is crucial. Get your projects off the ground quickly with BDQ Services. 

Zephyr is a leading provider of on-demand, real-time enterprise test management solutions, offering innovative applications, seamless integrations and unparalleled, real-time visibility into the quality and status of software projects.

Their products are the fastest growing agile test management products in the world, with more than 8500 global customers in 100 countries. Their feature rich products address today's dynamic and global needs across a variety of industries including finance, healthcare, media, mobile, IT services, and enterprise software.

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As users of Zephyr's innovative products ourselves and with our Atlassian JIRA customers, we have first-hand experience of the advantages associated with their leading test management suite, both in terms of improvements to delivered software quality and the visibility and control of the QA process that it delivers. We're very excited to partner with Zephyr and bring these benefits to our customers.

Whether you want remote training for Zephyr for JIRA, assistance with the ZAPI and test automation, or you want to transition away from another test solution, get in touch.

BDQ Zephyr service packages

Rapid deployment and on-boarding

We can help your realise your vision by planning out the workflows for your software development and testing process, based on your particular requirements. Let us configure the Atlassian and Zephyr products to get you up and running as quickly as possible. 

Transitioning from another system

Currently using another test management solution? Do you want to transition to the great combination of Zephyr and JIRA, but are concerned about costs, process change, training and test case migration? Contact us to see how we can help you.


Maximise the value of Zephyr for JIRA by getting your whole team up to speed quickly. It's easy to get your team trained, and they will understand test strategies, test cycles, reporting, dashboards, data import and more. See here for more details.

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Test automation

Do you want to increase code quality and save time?
Want to see an overall view of your manual and automated test metrics in one place?  You need test automation!
Using Bamboo or Jenkins in conjunction with Zephyr and the ZAPI component give you a repeatable process with combined reporting. Contact us to discuss your automation requirements.
Product training and ongoing support

We can provide responsive technical support and product training to ensure your success with the Atlassian and Zephyr solutions. Contact us and let us know your needs.

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