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Did you know that over a third of JIRA customers use it for more than software development? 

In fact, business processes in Marketing, HR, Finance, Operations or Legal can all benefit - anywhere there is a workflow, multiple people and information that needs to be collaborated upon.

Developing in-depth Atlassian expertise takes time. Keep your focus on your business and let BDQ help maximise the return from your Atlassian software investment.

BDQ can help analyse your business processes and configure JIRA or Confluence to support them. We have the development skills and experience to help you successfully deliver the most technically challenging of projects. Want to hand off day-to-day administration of your software? Let us help.

Get to the Atlassian benefits quicker with a BDQ services package.

BDQ Atlassian service packages


Are you just starting out with Atlassian?

Let us deliver a package of work that launches your project through the stages of planning, installation, configuration and training your users.

Don't let your implementation fizzle due to problems migrating from previous legacy systems. We can take this time consuming piece of work on and remove any barriers to the successful adoption of tools such as JIRA or Confluence.

Training is another crucial part of ensuring a successful launch. Get your users off to the best start with our training course. We can provide courses tailored to meet your specific requirements and deliver them either in person on-site or via webinar.

Start your countdown to a successful Atlassian launch.

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Are you an existing Atlassian customer?

You already know the benefits of Atlassian products like JIRA and Confluence but did you know you could also use them to help your business work smarter and more efficiently?

BDQ can help you leverage Atlassian to improve clarity, control and reporting of your business processes – like marketing, billing, customer and supplier management. Through a process of analysis and design, BDQ can help you encapsulate proven workflow and practices, within Atlassian, and potentially improve them by extending it – such as customised issue types, workflows, dashboards / wallboards and user permission management.

BDQ can help you take full advantage of Atlassian products while ensuring they reflect and enhance the way your business works. In short, pragmatic implementations that move your business forward, faster.


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Do you want to make a giant leap with Atlassian's technology?

Need a custom add-on to extend the functionality of an Atlassian product either on Server or on Cloud using Atlassian Connect?

Want to integrate with another system, for example to trigger transitions in a JIRA workflow as external events occur?

Are the default dashboards and wallboards not quite presenting your information in the way that you would like?

Custom integration for HipChat or macro for Confluence?

BDQ can help with all this and more. Give us your mission and we will deliver it. We will take your bespoke development project through analysis, design, implementation, testing, installation and knowledge transfer.

Your mission, delivered.

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Are you looking to hand-off day-to-day administration of your Atlassian product?

Sometimes it is difficult to keep your projects on the right trajectory. Let's face it; other, more urgent work gets in the way. Let us administer your Atlassian applications and leave you with the time and resources to do the work that you are trying to get done.

We can take on the routine work of managing users/groups, taking backups, optimizing performance, managing updates and so on, but also handling those unexpected events, resolving problems and getting your installations running smoothly again. We can deliver this service either on-site or remotely.

Let us keep your Atlassian applications on the right course.

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