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We offer consultancy services ranging from lift-off packages, custom development to remote advice and support.

Lift-off packages

Get your implementation of Atlassian, Zephyr or DataQA off the launch pad with a BDQ lift-off services package. Let us handle installation, configuration and user training. 


Make the most of your software investment and get to the benefits quicker. 


Call us now to set up a consultation.

Need something more complex? 

A Server or Connect add-on to extend JIRA, Confluence, or the Atlassian developer tools, perhaps?  


Or do you need to integrate the Zephyr ZAPI with some back-end process or deploy ZBots into your environment? 


Contact us and learn how we can take your requirements and implement them.

Remote advice and support

We're experts in Atlassian and Zephyr products. Let us provide you with the advice and support that you need to make the most out of this software. 


It's like having your own in-house experts who are just a phone call or email away.


Give us a call, and get help right away.

Did you know that over a third of JIRA customers use it for more than software development? 

In fact, business processes in Marketing, HR, Finance, Operations or Legal can all benefit - anywhere there is a workflow, multiple people and information that needs to be collaborated upon.

Developing in-depth Atlassian expertise takes time. Keep your focus on your business and let BDQ help maximise the return from your Atlassian software investment.

BDQ can help analyse your business processes and configure JIRA or Confluence to support them. We have the development skills and experience to help you successfully deliver the most technically challenging of projects. Want to hand off day-to-day administration of your software? Let us help.

Get to the Atlassian benefits quicker with a BDQ services package.

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7000+ users can't be wrong. If you want to implement test management, Zephyr is a great choice.

Whether you use the sophisticated Enterprise product, or the fully integrated JIRA plugin, Zephyr can help you ship high quality, tested software.

If you are looking for help on using Zephyr, rolling it out, or even automating your testing with ZBots, get in contact.

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Make sure that your data meets your business requirements. DataQA for JIRA is our own, integrated plugin for JIRA server.

We can help you choose what rules to implement, and how to implement them so you get data rule testing, fully integrated inside JIRA.

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