Test Management Add-Ons for Atlassian

Collaborative Test Management. Inside JIRA.


Zephyr Server

Zephyr for JIRA Cloud

Test Management inside JIRA Cloud

Zephyr for JIRA Cloud delivers your favorite test management add-on for JIRA in the cloud, providing all the great Cloud benefits such as no infrastructure and managed, rapid deployment. Teams that have standardized on the Atlassian Cloud solution can now create, plan, and execute tests right inside of their JIRA instance. Together, Zephyr for JIRA Cloud and JIRA Cloud enable developers, testers and the entire project team to be better prepared at every stage of the software lifecycle to plan, build, test and launch great software. 

Zephyr JIRA Server

Full JIRA Integration

Zephyr for JIRA Server is an add-on application that is fully integrated within JIRA server, providing cost-effective, highly sophisticated test management capabilities right inside your own, private JIRA instance. Once the Zephyr JIRA plugin is installed, software test management and reporting is immediately available to all your JIRA users.

ZAPI for JIRA Server

RESTful access to Zephyr testing data for integration

This add-on to Zephyr for JIRA Server allow you to hook your automation and continuous integration tools directly into Zephyr for JIRA - in fact any other system where you want to retrieve execution data, or even programmatically update test results.

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