Find and track data problems alongside IT issues - all from within JIRA.

DataQA is an add-on to the hugely successful Atlassian JIRA issue tracking and project management ​product. Finding and tracking data defects becomes automatic, ensuring that data meets your requirements, and gives you visibility and control.

DataQA extends JIRA with SQL based data rules

Write your rules using familiar SQL and test your queries immediately against your databases from within JIRA.

Simple and straightforward.

See problems with data, right from JIRA

With DataQA, viewing database records happens right in JIRA. There’s no need to use external tools to see what’s happening. Users can even save the records as a CSV file for use in Excel, or attach them to an issue.

Automatically alert users when data rules fail

When rules fail, DataQA automatically alerts users, making problems instantly visible. So your users spend less time looking for problems, and more time fixing them.

Full JIRA integration

DataQA is fully integrated with JIRA, and users can discover, assign and track data issues from within the platform. It's quick, efficient, and effective, saving your team hours and the dollars that go with them.

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