Lights! Camera! Action!

Yep, we’re shooting a movie! Ok, it's not a Hollywood blockbuster but we are in the middle of creating a promo for our new product DataQA.

There was just one thing... none of us have shot a movie before but such a minor detail wasn’t going to stop us either.

Dom was soon on the case scouring the internet for tips and tricks when he discovered Wistia are a video hosting company (think YouTube for business) that also help you create engaging content - including a brilliant set of guides on how to shoot your own film! Their tips and strategies for shooting video - including lighting, sound, scripting, filming, post-production, etc. - are both informative and fun.

As with trying anything new, we’ve hit a couple of speed bumps and learnt some things along the way; but the script is finished and shooting is under way. From there it will be into edit, post-production and finally release. We’ll keep you posted when the video is ready for its premiere but for now thank you Wistia!

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